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Boilers & Infloor Heating




Life Mechanical is the professional heating contractor to consult in regards to your infloor heating system, gas condensing boiler and/or high-mass radiators. Our technicians can show how, and where you can reduce your heating bill, while optimizing your home's comfort through a variety of control options. Many of our past clients report a savings of 40% on their heating bill with our recommended boiler technology. 


We are experts at designing and retrofiting/installing boilers and infloor heating systems. Whether it is a boiler replacement, new condensing boiler technology conversion, a question about your current heating system don't hesitate to ask. Our heating technicians are knowledgeable, well informed, and highly trained. We pride ourselves in installing quality heating systems meant to last a lifetime. 

since 2008

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Prompt and courtenous service provided by professional heating technicians. We do great quality work for each client and are incredibley easy to work with.

"Victoria's Trusted Boiler & Infloor Heating Specialist"

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Life Mechanical provides a range of residential, commercial and industrial heating services including: boiler installation and service, underfloor heating installation/design, system maintenance, fin and cabinet installation, high-mass radiator installation and specialized heating system design. 


Looking to maximize your home's comfort. Growing up in a home with infloor heating is a treat you never will forget. Unlike many homes with forced air, a properly designed home with an infloor heating system delivers ultimate comfort. Our technicans can help you design and install your modern heating system, and help you better understand the benefits of infloor heating. 




Many classic homes on Vancouver Island currently have cast iron baseboard radiators. Although these classic model heating rads and a variety of new modern radiators are the norm in Europe, these elegant radiators are very special here on Vancouver Island. Life Mechanical is more than happy to work on keeping your homes classic look while installing a high-efficient condensing boiler system. 



We have 15+ years experience designing and installing hydronic heating systems in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our heating technicians are trained to design, install and maintain a variety of gas heating boilers, infloor heating and high-mass radiators. Contact us to learn what we can do for you. 

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